Hey, so I’ve done some updating, with simplifying the layout and design, and I’ve enabled comments, though I don’t have the proper links and indications on the front page summaries… Will fix that, and also gotta make better styling on my comment forms. They’re nasty. There – I said it!!

Hands up if you hate poster design!!

Oh, I was feeling arty (laugh please, please do) and decided that I was going to try and make Fireworks work to my bidding and made a bit of a background. Check out and look at the two files called ‘my background’ (or something); there’s a Macbook Pro sized Widescreen and a bigger than 1158 x something size – which fits my work computer…. Please do note… I’m not trying to imply it’s good, but I worked out how to use brushlike stuff I guess.

Oh, and I moved home today, check out the happy (that’d be me then) picture of the flat half-empty on flickr too.

Good night all.

Oh, one last thing, honest, Fraiser Crane’s dog from the TV shows died today. Very sad.