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Making Rubbish Modems Work Better

When the question is “How Do I Make My Really Rubbish ADSL Modem Work Better” the obvious answer is the tenuous, similarly answer requiring “Have you tried upgrading your firmware?”

Response? It depends. Especially whenever your modem-router is made by a company that doesn’t advertise it anywhere. Don’t ask me why this modem lives in our house, it just was the only thing available on the day, at the time. Some people just give the impression of being shysters too.

Stupid colour, stupid products. AVOID.
When you make peripherals which are actually that colour, you really should be aware…

What’s my point – the modem/router might be a piece of junk which refuses to answer 1/20 http requests (that is, web surfing) while a single torrent (lets say, BBC iPlayer downloading) with five connections is running. Explaination? No idea, but it’s next to useless.

And you can get a firmware upgrade for your Addon GS8100 AKA ARM8200 AKA Pegasus/Vulcan ART25GSU here.

Rubbish peripherals are nearly as bad as bad websites.

Okay, rant over, and in much better news they’re talking about bringing down some of the peace walls.

Edit: twenty minutes into using this new firmware while using a LAN connection is seems to be performing quite nicely. Will jack up the active connections later and report back on whether it nails the beige brick again or not.

Update: one day on, speeds are better, stability is better, good stuff.