Brandtastic! Or Not.

I was reading this earlier…..

I was reading this earlier.

And thought… brands? What brands am I wearing? Next, Next, Next, M&S, M&S, Nike ‘gutties’ (Primary School PE Teacher-esque) and a Jimmy Eat World t-shirt. Forsaking the trainers which are about 5 years old, I’m not really brand oriented. Looking my cupboard recent purchases of trainers: cheapest off the size 12 discount rack in JJB, happened to be Nike, and the next were Asics, which if I remember correct (when I was in the class of 96 at Greenisland Primary School) was somewhere in the same region as ‘Gola’ which remarkably is now cool again. Amongst the hip young kiddies who wear girls jeans (the boys that is, at least) and carry man-bags, or whatever they’re called.

It may be because I know that Next stuff fits me, but that’s where I buy all my clothes. Is that a brand, or just choice? I’m not advertising them when I walk; but why not Primark? I don’t know – Next looks nicer, doesn’t it? Is that valid? Primark to me says: cheap underwear or oh I need a plain white t-shirt, I’ll go to Primark, but I wouldn’t go there to buy a ‘nice’ pair of jeans, because they probably would have a bad cut and strange fit. (Which is why I don’t buy River Island – though that might be because of the strange fascination for making your wear things like this). I get scared when I walk into a shop full of clothes which makes me think: “The Coach” “Yeo” and “Oh-er”. Bad reflection on me maybe? :-)

Techie brands: Apple, Sony, Fender, Microsoft. Why buy those? Quite simply (Sony laptop batteries aside) they are the best at what they do. Apple hardware (and butchering of BSD and hundreds of open source projects), Sony audio equipment, Fender amplifiers and instruments are among the top – no matter which continent your particular model is built in – in the world and Microsoft Mice, Keyboards (ignoring software) are simply fantastic. I wouldn’t buy a ‘PC Line’ keyboard or a Lexmark printer (to quote an HP product advert: Pay more, expect fewer problems – there’s a right-on advert!). Ever used any of the CD-Rs that the Students Union shop at Queens used to sell? They burn for 12 (audio) “minutes” and then fail. Why? Because the plastic is too see-through and the label runs out at exactly that point, confusing your laser and failing. Oh boys oh, I feel like a rant. But I will desist.

Talking of RiverIsland, on an Accessibility slant, look at and click the Disability statement. Woeful! Critique.