What happens in Edinburgh… Generally ends up on the internet.

What happens in Edinburgh… Generally ends up on the internet. So they claim. Here’s my input.

Many times through the weekend the iPhone with its data access provided the answers to many questions, most of which I have forgotten, but on Sunday night Sarah McF asked me to prove the iPhone could answer all questions. That which was posed: what weight was the original Wispa bar? Wikipedia and Google could not, for all their worth, tell me anything other than that the re-released Wispa bar is 36g and supposedly slightly smaller than the older. However…

New Wispa weighs less than the original?

Thanks for your enquiry about Cadbury Wispa.

I can confirm that we have not changed or altered the size/shape or recipe of Wispa bar.

The bar size matches exactly the same size as when it was last on the market (for info 125.0(L) x 30.85(W) x 16.7(D)mm).

The recipe is the same – it was matched to what was last on the market and tested by a taste panel internally. It is a blend of Cadbury dairy milk and a little bit of dark chocolate.

Thanks for your feedback.
Cadbury Consumer Relations Department

So there you go, Wispa bars are the same size and weight as the originals. And what happens in Edinburgh ends up on the internet.