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It’s been quiet around here

The Geeky Irish Rockstars I have six draft posts in the wings waiting to be pushed out, works in progress related to technologies I’ve been working with lately for

Working on a still-hush-hush project with the lads best known for their rock star company photo and probably this week for their choice of marketing for Exceptional, the bug tracking tool for Rails (and more) at Railsconf in Las Vegas.

Part of the reason there’s been so little going on here is that I’ve been… well… rather busy. Trying to get client work done as well as freelancing with Contrast has been a bit of a struggle and I’ve just spent three days getting my brand new 24″ iMac set up and running… a pain worth the endurance, though I’m fairly certain I now need a bigger desk!

So, some posts about Rails, HAML, Cucumber, and possibly a very very late review of FOWA Dublin which never quite got finished coming up in the next few weeks.