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The Sky Mobile App: Review & How to cancel!

In early November O2 iPhone and BSkyB announced that they were releasing a limited free trial of the Sky News & Sports Mobile App [iTMS link] for the iPhone.

Pretty cool? Yes, three months of free small-screen Premiership Football, NHL Ice Hockey and…. wrestling. Pretty lame? Well, craning your neck to watch a three inch screen while sitting or in bed really there isn’t a comfortable way to do it without some form of scaffolding in front of your face. Regardless you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and so I enjoyed the ability to flick on or off during a big game to see the score and maybe a highlight or two.

The service costs £6 per month and auto subscribes after the trial ends and I believe it’s on a rolling monthly basis.

I signed up on 11 November, the week the offer was released with an iCal event scheduled for the week before the free offer expired, so that Mr Mastercard didn’t come into play.

According to the offer’s FAQs page you can cancel by going to this SkyID website – I didn’t see that before I cancelled my subscription, so I can’t vouch for whether it works or not.

How to cancel

The MySky site claims that as a non residential Sky Subscriber I’m a ‘guest user’ and not able to view or manipulate my account – so [unless the above link works] you need to call Sky Mobile enquires, the number for which is 08442 411 531 in the UK (& ROI it seems). All you need to do is enter your home number, then confirm your username and email address and tell them you wish to cancel the contract. Quite easy.


Good application well executed, but without a TV-out (does the iPhone have one?) or some form of phone stand to relieve your neck muscles it’s a bit of a pain to use.