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I'm going to move my blog…

I want to get away from this current site, it doesn’t show off anything of my professional work nor does the site itself actually resemble or build on anything I’ve made (apart, obviously, from WordPress site implementations).

How to go about this?

Well, I’ve identified the steps I need to go through to migrate the site from WordPress to a Ruby based site, either Rails or Sinatra (just to try my hand something a little different). Actually if heroku get it sorted in time I may throw together a Node.js application — they can be fun.

These aren’t necessarily in the right order at but I will approach them all independently and hope to blog through the process.

  1. Extract the current site’s data into a manageable format
  2. Design a data structure for a new site
  3. Migrate the data from Step 1
  4. Create or choose a blogging solution
  5. Implement Step 4

I’ve already made a start on a site design, I’ve got my data saved and have chosen a method of parsing it, which will form the next blog post.