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Content in Context is Caesar

Wrote this a good while ago (November 1 2011!!) but never published it. Since then, a few articles with similar titles have been published. Points still valid.

XKCD always hits the nail on the head. This item was regarding the content on websites and how the publisher often completely misjudges what the client (the end user) actually wants to see.

XKCD: University Website

A lot has been said recently about Content is King, “Design without content is decoration” and so on.  I upgraded a few sites to the latest version of their CMS recently and these stats below, while not surprising, are quite telling. Over a year or two this (fairly low traffic) church website has received the majority of hits on the Service Schedule, Contact and About pages in that order.

This leads me to want to re-design the site to further promote this information to make it even more relevant to the passing visitor; and will certainly lead in directing any future related “information architecture.”

I’d love to see similar stats for a restaurant website: are people (especially those using a mobile device) wanting to look at gorgeous images of your food, or do they want to find your address, sitting times, and a plaintext menu?