The Imperial War Museum

September 15th 2012 was the seventy-second anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and it reminded me of a post I’d pieced together on the train in London last November. It follows.

I’m fairly fascinated by 20th Century history, in particular post-Weimar Germany and the second World War.

Having recently re-discovered Band of Brothers—which would have to be my all time favourite pieces of film, and quite a fascinating book as well—I thought I’d share some pictures from the Imperial War Museum in London. They were taken with Instagram, just to warn you!

If you’re at all interested in war history i’d recommend checking out any of Stephen Ambrose’s work, your local second hand bookshop will have loads of copies. The character exposition seen in Band of Brothers is all from the book.


Pictured above: At the front of the museum, a few acres of tree-lined lawn is dominated by two massive, formerly ship-mounted, cannons.




At the building’s pivot, there is an atrium which is some form of school boy’s dream: about half a dozen aircraft of various vintages are mounted on the walls and hung from the ceilings, some at each mezzanine balcony. The ground floor is filled with tanks, rockets, miniature submarines and trucks from different eras of modern warfare.


The museum, situated in the Lambeth area, just south of the Thames, is definitely worth a visit. You can easily spend a few hours there without retracing your steps.


I spent hours just wandering about the different halls, exploring World War 1 trenches and a massive room detailing 20th Century conflicts including that in Northern Ireland. A word of warning: the Holocaust exhibit, while excellent, is harrowing. If you’re going to visit the exhibition, give yourself some extra time to really process it all.