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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Keeps Renaming My Computer


My iMac is called “twentyfour” — can you guess why?

Except, since upgrading to Mountain Lion (the new OS v10.8) it has kept getting renamed “twentyfour (1)” and today was “twentyfour (3)” which means that VNC and Bonjour connections will fail as the computer will not respond to the other name.

For clarify: I use the network port/LAN only and wireless is turned off; no other machine uses the same name on the network. It seems this occurs when the Network Sharing pane padlock is “open.”

It seems the best way to solve this is to:

  1. Go to System Preferences > Sharing pane
  2. Rename the computer using the text box at the top
  3. Tab out of the text box (or click elsewhere)
  4. Hit the padlock button at the bottom left [you’ll hear it slam shut, the sound a safe makes]

NB: If you click the lock button before tabbing out of the naming box it will revert to the altered name — reference