Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that? — Sally the sign language interpreter

A while ago I launched a new website for my friend Sally, who’s both a PhD candidate at Queen’s and a successful professional sign language interpreter for hire.

Check out the website at

The simple site has two aspects: professional and academic. It’s somewhat adaptive (but perhaps not quite ‘responsive’?), has been developed to accommodate video content on each page if a video BSL interpretation is available and in future will allow Sally to receive feedback on various research projects.

Sally is a BSL/English interpreter and a first year PhD translation student. Through her research, she is exploring the demographics of the deaf signing population in Northern Ireland and the resources and opportunities available to this linguistic minority.

She adopts a balanced approach to practice and research, and is currently organising an academic conference on Sign Language and the Politics of Recognition in addition to her studies and interpreting work.

Freelance professional sign language interpretation services in Belfast, across Ireland and the UK.