A Vidiot’s Summer Travels

There’s a busy summer ahead!

(c) 2012 Chris Nelson/New Wine Ireland

First off: sleeping in field Thursday to Tuesday! The Summer Madness festival returns to Glenarm castle, and I’ll be heading up the volunteer technical team and running the on-screen visuals on the main stage. A circus tent. With the pros from Box42 (recurring theme?) we’ll be providing a bit of camera and vision mixer training to use on live screens; recording about 30 seminars; and finally mastering a take-home DVD on the final night, hoping to have a few hundred copies ready to sell to the campers and group leaders on their way home. All of that and hoping to get a few hours sleep each night.

Next step: I’ll be spending a week in [London*]Derry* (* delete where applicable) filming a practical youth service week on the streets of the city. The ‘On The Move’ project is a reimagination of the original ‘StreetReach’ concept and this year is being supported by the festival itself. Looking forward to using some new lighting gear and having loads of time to get good footage and create a cool promo for next year’s event.

Then: off to Sligo town for another big christian summer festival. This time we’ll be setting up projectors + screens, plasma and LCD TVs, cameras and mixers, sound gear and audio recording devices; both in the main meeting hall and around the event’s campus. Looking forward again to the craic and ‘holiday’ and getting to visit places that feel a lifetime away from Belfast!

The rest of July should be filled with video and audio editing. I’ve some available time in August (so if you have any need for a web developer or video bod get in touch!), but whatever’s spare will hopefully be used putting together a little video + community voting mashup website I’ve been plotting for some time.