CS Lewis, according to Alister McGrath (audio)

Lots of people quote CS Lewis, perhaps not knowing where he actually comes from or what he actually means. A Northern Irish boy, raised in East Belfast, he struggled through early faith journey eventually becoming an atheist before heading to Oxford. That’s not where the story ended. I saw the below quote tweeted in a positive life affirming sense (I imagine,) when in reality Lewis was overtly and unapologetically Christian in his writings after conversion.

“There are far better things ahead
than any we leave behind”

Alister McGrath (Oxford educated scientist, resident theologian, and author of far too many books) spoke today at a pair of events hosted by the QUB Chaplaincies at The Hub on Elmwood Avenue. Below are two recordings provided by The Hub team of the talks.

The former might be described as building the framework behind why we believe, touching on a little of how Lewis was a “travelling companion” to McGrath in his journey into faith; the latter is a broad overview of Lewis, his influences (including how the Northern Irish landscape influenced Narnia) and legacy of thought.

“Why I am a Christian, by a lapsed atheist…”

“CS Lewis’s Vision of Christianity and its relevance today”

For what it’s worth, McGrath’s biography
is available on Amazon.
C. S. Lewis: A Life: Eccentric
Genius, Reluctant Prophet

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