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Snowbound and Iciness.

So we’re snowbound, which is pretty cool. There hasn’t been this much snow in at least 10 years for Dromore (that I know of) and there’ve only really been two snowfalls in that time.


So much for making it to the Odyssey for dinner with the Albany folks I got to Scott’s house realised hte snow was definitely beyond reasonable driving conditions and ditched the car in their driveway. Much snowballing and Chinesefoodeating later I made the land speed record (not) from Princes Street back down to the house and managed to get mammy’s wee carsafe back in the garage.


Anyway, Paul from the Breakaway British Hockey blog has given a very
nice plug on today’s posting; here’s some love in return
. And like he said, there’ll be a live webcast from the Odyssey on Saturday night of Giants v Panthers which is bound to be a good game. Details on Breakaway or at Belfast