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Showreel: Giants Highlights + IVs

Here are two highlight reels I put together this weekend after two big wins for the Belfast Giants. They’re a tad rough’n’ready, having been edited on Final Cut’s new software (which I’d never used before) within an hour of the game being finished. I’ve been really pleased with the response.


Refresh Belfast with Simon Mills

Tonight I’ll be running the audio visual setup at Refresh Belfast on behalf of Box42AV.

The latest Refresh event in Belfast is at the Black Box, will be hosted by Chris Murphy and presented

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Add automatic URL generation to your Rails App (+ a little about ActiveAdmin)

It’s easy to add a “url” or “slug” field to your rails app, and override the to_param function to report that field. A route can then look for an alphanumeric parameter, like this:

match "pages/:slug" => "purchases#show_by_slug"

But how to generate them without too much manual labour? [manual labour is a good thing, relying on well written gems is sometimes better]


A merry Christmas is…?

Tonight took a strange turn.

I was at church in Belfast welcoming in the chosen day with friends, acquaintances and strangers. Playing guitar in the band, feeling a bit fed up but for not much of a reason at all, certainly none of the above. It was a good time. A merry time.


What file size should my podcast be?


I’ve done quite a bit of basic audio production: recorded talks, group discussions, video background music and so on. I know enough elementary facts about high and low pass filters, sample rates and so on to get through a related conversation. But is that it? One thing that baffles me is that some people going way over the top with the file size of their output, as if that will improve the audio quality.

So — what file size should my podcast be?

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Content in Context is Caesar

Wrote this a good while ago (November 1 2011!!) but never published it. Since then, a few articles with similar titles have been published. Points still valid.

XKCD always hits the nail on the head. This item was regarding the content on websites and how the publisher often completely misjudges what the client (the end user) actually wants to see.

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Burning Video DVDs is Stupidly Hard

It’s really hard to make a Video DVD using a Mac. There, I said it.

Macs have been touted as great for content creators and creative types for years, and it’s true. Things generally just work better. However, if you want to burn an actual video to an actual DVD you can’t do it. Not through Final Cut Pro, not in Compressor. You need DVD Studio Pro or, forbid, iDVD.

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Mac OS X Mountain Lion Keeps Renaming My Computer


My iMac is called “twentyfour” — can you guess why?

Except, since upgrading to Mountain Lion (the new OS v10.8) it has kept getting renamed “twentyfour (1)” and today was “twentyfour (3)” which means that VNC and Bonjour connections will fail as the computer will not respond to the other name.

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Getting instagram images with OpenGraph

I previously mentioned how simple it would be for Twitter to use OpenGraph to grab images off Instagram to restore the user experience removed when Instagram stopped posting image meta data to twitter.

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Instagram removing full Twitter integration shouldn’t be a big deal

Last week Instagram stopped posting direct image information to Twitter when you shared an image. It means that instead of seeing a picture inline with your tweets you need to click the Instagram link to load the image in a browser window. Most other image services use Twitter’s “media” tag to allow the image to be shown inline.

Instagram, now owned by Facebook, have clearly got a reason for doing this: whether it’s to do with tracking user activity more closely, a future addition of advertising on the Instagram pages, or to more closely integrate the Instagram web pages with Facebook.