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Leopard Mac Refuses to Stay Asleep…

The last week or so my Leopard iMac has been waking up in the middle of the night… it’s quite annoying.

Finally found the answer here:
macrumors – leopard imac waking from sleep issue.

It turns out the problem is caused by having Screen Sharing enabled, and the 5900 port (VNC) being exposed to the outside world through my router. While this allows me to remote connect from another Mac ….

The problem lies in the fact that the screen comes to life whenever ANYTHING connects to this port, be it another Mac, or a port scanner… before even authentication takes place. Tested this by trying to SSH to that port – bang, my monitors come to life.

Fixed it by removing the external port forward, and just using SSH into the Mac. Apple needs to stop waking up the screens until authentication has taken place.

Basically this means that the really awesome TouchPad app that got Fireballed a few weeks ago is only really useful if you turn off your computer (completely) at night or are willing to manually turn off port 5900 (the VNC port).

The weird thing is that this worked fine on Tiger.

So perhaps with Snow Leopard this won’t be a problem… ?

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Rails / LAMP / WordPress Setup Guide

I’ve had huge amounts of pain getting WordPress set up locally over the last few weeks on my old machine and when it struck again with my new development environment it definitely time to write down the required steps to get a great LAMP/Rails setup prepared (for me)!

Leopard has PHP and Apache fairly up to date, and probably MySQL as well, but I decided to get MySQL up to scratch using the Universal Binary along with a few command line instructions available here (guide and links to downloads).

I didn’t use this script myself, and at a year old it may have a few imperfections, but HiveLogic have a fairly well rounded Ruby/Rails install going on.

Finally, WordPress to go on your LAMP stack will be a lot less painful using this guide for Tech Recipes.

Any suggestions additions or replacements for this list? Drop a comment!

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It’s been quiet around here

The Geeky Irish Rockstars I have six draft posts in the wings waiting to be pushed out, works in progress related to technologies I’ve been working with lately for

Working on a still-hush-hush project with the lads best known for their rock star company photo and probably this week for their choice of marketing for Exceptional, the bug tracking tool for Rails (and more) at Railsconf in Las Vegas.

Part of the reason there’s been so little going on here is that I’ve been… well… rather busy. Trying to get client work done as well as freelancing with Contrast has been a bit of a struggle and I’ve just spent three days getting my brand new 24″ iMac set up and running… a pain worth the endurance, though I’m fairly certain I now need a bigger desk!

So, some posts about Rails, HAML, Cucumber, and possibly a very very late review of FOWA Dublin which never quite got finished coming up in the next few weeks.

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Git Pro Tips!

Stumbled across this fella on Twitter today, noticed he worked at Slide (who make successful/annoying Facebook Apps). None the less (I joke) he writes a blog at and has recently been writing a series of ‘ProTips’ on using Git Repos for his work colleagues.

I think it might prove useful: will be taking a read in my spare time.

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Edinburgh #1 – Outbound

So ferries are ok.
Busses are crampt, smell like on-bus toilets, and take far longer to get places than they should.
Ayr is dull and a very wet place.
Ayrshire, similarly, is rather dull full of sheep and precipitation of a cold variety.
I hope it snows in Edinburgh tonight.
And we haven’t reached Glasgow yet.

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O2/Be Broadband SMTP Restrictions

O2 Broadband (the Telefonica rebranding of Be Broadband) has a restriction on its SMTP ports, the only port-25 connection you can use is for the server for o2 mail. If you want to use your own email provider such as Google Mail you have to use a different port, so for example use the SSL port 587 for Gmail connections.

Hope that helps someone!

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Belfast Giants Cardiff Devils LIVE FREE WEBCAST

Hi All

This Saturday evening Live from the Odyssey Arena in Belfast, Northern Ireland, HiDavid Ltd and are proud to present to you the Belfast Giants in action for the first time this season as they face the Cardiff Devils.

The Elite League kicks off it’s new season this weekend and you can check out all the action from Belfast this year live on the web. It is our intention to broadcast all of the games from home ice this season live and for free, so tune in on Saturday about 6.45 to (the website will be live Friday morning).

Also available this year we will be selling DVDs of each match-up, ready and available to buy at the next home game and who knows maybe there’ll be a ‘season ticket’ DVD offer for those who wish to buy all games.

Watch here ->

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iPhone and Guitar

So I’m home and just about over the jet lag, and quote glad I bought my dad a James Taylor DVD. It’s awesome and makes me want to be BETTER. Expect to hear me trying to play You’ve Got a Friend as well as Free Fallin’ – which has been stuck in my head for the last month.
In other news I gave in yesterday and got myself a White 16 Gb iPhone. I like it, though it hasn’t and won’t change my life.

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One thing… (aka. The joys of rendering)

There is one thing that would put me off the notion of working semi-professionally in the video field. That thing is Rendering. Rendering is when you take some source videos, audio and whatever processing you wish to apply to them and prepare an exportable video format (putting many into one).

Just like when Jessica was learning the song.. every time she asked “what chord comes after ‘angels’?” the answer is ‘C.’ Every time.

When something goes wrong with a video project, what is the problem? Rendering. RENDERING.

The problem is not just waiting for the render to take place, that has become a non-issue in the last year or so, I’m used to it. But what really bugs is when there are two folders


  • Have only one render folder selected for A and V
  • If you have any problems go into the “/[Audio ]Render files/Project Name” folder and trash it all (clear trash)
  • And force re-render after re-starting Final Cut.
  • THEN re-encode the DVD  :|


And on another note, WHY does the FOX tv channel always, perputally broadcast distorted audio? I was channel flicking a few nights ago and had to turn it off it was annoying me so much (so unlike me), and in any case it was pre-season NFLstuff.  Not that interesting, lots of football-nerd talk (c.f. above).


PS I think this one qualifies for RANT status, though it should probably be filed under the SCHOOLBOY ERROR column as well.

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T-Shirts (America 2008 .3)

So my taste in t-shirts has changed a lot this summer.  Broadened.  Still don’t overly like stripes, and have not ventured pink, fear not.

That’s all.