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Sony HVR-V1E First Look / Beaver Cross 2008 / MacBook Air

So obviously it’s not the first look; but it is mine. Ordered a Sony HVR-V1E last night from and it arrived this morning before 10… Impressive (CityLink in County Down works depite what Ally says about the Belfast bunch!).

Barney delivered it up to Belfast this morning (thanks boss…) and we gave it a wee test – it worked, which is a pleasant surprise! Very nice feel, good improvements on the PD-170 especially (disregarding the hi-def) the XLRs with independent volume controls on each channel; new 20x Zeiss lens which rivals the XL-H1 and lots of new buttons; chunkier and smoother iris/exposure wheel (it’s default setting is to automatically move from iris opening to positive gain increments when the iris is fully open; which is good unless you hate gain; but it appears that even +18dB gain is pretty clean, we’ll see how that looks in a low-light show setting on Friday night when we’re doing a gig for CEA. Something to do with Music Performance, so if you’re playing your Ukelele at the Waterfront Studio on Friday… See you there.

This is the toy that I’ll be bringing to America with me this summer; got a really pro looking (and feeling) PortaBrace bag to go with and then remembered it comes with a free Sony case; which really would have been up to the job but is a little bit bigger (unnecessarily for such a compact hdv) hopefully I’ll be able to get rid of on eBay unless someone sticks their paw up (unlikely?). In the States I’ll be back at Beaver Cross camp this year working on Media and leading Worship again (most likely, and sadly, without my Gibson), teaching kids some stuff about making movies (I imagine it’ll be a bit of basic theory – I’ll speak to you soon, Pete! – but mostly making stupid videos – pt1 pt2) as well as documenting the summer for PR/media purposes and being in charge of the photo collection and collation. Quite excited about all this, I suppose I should confirm to Chris and Tina that I’m coming! I’m not looking forward to my Thursday nights… A seven hour marathon was required to produce that video mentioned earlier but in my defence I guess it was my first real edit – Pete once again thank you for telling me about the Blade Tool/cmd+s or b or whatever it is thing.

No tripod as of yet, plenty around to beg, steal or borrow but if you’re in Upstate New York and fancy selling me a Vinten or Manfrotto for cheap let me know.

MacBook Air: Meh, looks good, but packing a bit too little as of yet. I imagine a writing journo or author loving it but without the optical or firewire or multiple usb ports it’s too restricted for the various things that I might want to do with it. First move into SSD laptops which is very cool, and maybe a model or two down the line the MacBook Pro will benefit and by then mine’ll have stopped whining and scraping and perhaps will die altogether (I fear… but hopefully it’ll do me through the summer with a couple of hours of video captured and edited every week).

Heading to the Giants tomorrow night to do a bit of capture, we’re not webcasting (so it should be nice and relaxed) because the big boys from TeleVideo on behalf of Sky Sports are in the house for the broadcast on Friday night, on Sky Sports 3 or Mix, I believe.


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Giants Bison Live Webcast – Thursday 10th

Belfast Giants take on the Basingstoke Bison at the Odyssey arena this Thursday night as the mid-table battle in the Elite League starts to get very interesting. After our biggest web cast viewing yet on Saturday against the Panthers we’re hoping to maintain and increase the number of viewers to help keep the whole operation going.

I quite fancy getting a mailing list up and going so people know exactly which matches are coming up (and which are being covered for sure) as there seems to be quite a growing interest in live match night footage primarily from away fans (which is our target audience, don’t worry Todd) and we aim to increase our subscribers from far away places, as there seems to be an interest in British hockey and in particular in the Giants from North America. That is at least where two of the owners of the Giants live!

As for this week’s web cast: The usual line up: Nigel Ringland (play-by-play) and Wayne Hardman (colour-commentary) will talk you through the game with full audio commentary and _at least_ video highlights in the first two periods and then high quality (the UTV guys are impressed!) video coverage of the third period and any overtime or shoot-outs that may occur. Recent feedback has been awesome and we’re really pleased things seem to be going well.

To connect to the webcast (please don’t try doing this until Thursday about 6.45 ready for the 7 PM faceoff – actually it may be 7.30 so check the giants website before doing that) go to and check out Octoshape – download the plugin and ensure your Windows Media installation is up to date (a quick restart wouldn’t go down too badly either – just to be sure) then proceed to the pay-site, share the love with your £3.30 (consensus is that this is a fair price for what you get)

Also the game on the 10th of January against Newcastle Vipers will be shown, but more of that in due course.

Oh, and I want to get one of these.

Live video is produced by Hidavid Ltd, which is what Ronan does.

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Snowbound and Iciness.

So we’re snowbound, which is pretty cool. There hasn’t been this much snow in at least 10 years for Dromore (that I know of) and there’ve only really been two snowfalls in that time.


So much for making it to the Odyssey for dinner with the Albany folks I got to Scott’s house realised hte snow was definitely beyond reasonable driving conditions and ditched the car in their driveway. Much snowballing and Chinesefoodeating later I made the land speed record (not) from Princes Street back down to the house and managed to get mammy’s wee carsafe back in the garage.


Anyway, Paul from the Breakaway British Hockey blog has given a very
nice plug on today’s posting; here’s some love in return
. And like he said, there’ll be a live webcast from the Odyssey on Saturday night of Giants v Panthers which is bound to be a good game. Details on Breakaway or at Belfast

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In with the old and in with the new.

I’ve moved my site over to WordPress, which I have used to build both the Dromore Cathedral and the QUB Tennis Club web sites.

In the coming days I’ll be restyling with something individual, as I build up the brand under which I’ll be doing web sites from now on; and whatever work I end up doing on when I finish up with University this summer.That was the launch notice of QUB Tennis by the way; thanks to Chris for all his input and so on!

A night at the Giants tonight, yet another loss in the Cup – about six straight in all competitions now, though the performance lifted greatly tonight and after the first period break (and whatever shouting can be imagined to happen in the right hand locker room) both DeRou and his defence played somewhat better hockey. A few good shots went in and after a couple of fist fights the crowd were rocking behind the home team; though the boos were short, but sour, at the end of the night. Shawn Sutter has been signed, and the Giants need to drop one of their ‘imports’ to make room for him in the team before he arrives… Who goes? Todd and Ed decide!

Some more web sites to get started this week, and an audio visual gig to plan for October.