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Find the total number of rows in your Rails app.

Heroku have just introduced a limit on their free database of 10,000 rows. As their robots convert each of their Rails 3 apps to a new database architecture, any database approaching 10,000 rows will send out an email warning the user.

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Reducing Heroku Cost with Asset Pipeline Sync

GiantsLive which is hosted on the new heroku Rails 3/Cedar platform a single ‘dyno’. If you don’t know what heroku is, essentially it’s a cloud web hosting platform, and one of it’s finest features is that your first 750 ‘computation hours’ in a month are absolutely free. Properly free, like a lunch at that church on Stranmillis Road on a Thursday.

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Using another computer for your heroku app

Quite easy, but without knowing how would you know… (the docs!)

The Collaborator Quick Start guide is the place to be.

[sudo] gem install heroku
# then
heroku keys:add
#your login details are taken and ssh key uploaded automatically
git clone -o production
#using the proper git repo name.git

if git push heroku fails then do this:
git remote -v
Hopefully you will see an origin or heroku

If not, find out your git url:
heroku list
heroku info --app your-app-name

git remote add heroku git-url
(this bit from google groups)