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Summer Ahoy

The to do list can now be tackled, this blog can be styled once again and working out what’s going to occupy my time come September is back on the agenda.

Lying in the back yard all day: priceless.
For me it’s now summer time and today’s weather approves that, it’s the most sun I’ve seen since last summer in the States!! Plenty of time to chill out, soak up some heat, read some bits of paper and write a 20 point to do list and four pages of notes on the matter. Tonight I’m meeting a client to discuss some pre-America work, which I’ll of course mention when it’s done.

Realiging face-lifts are due and some updating, building a fine web design company and indeed a certain fine Northern Irish Event Management and Audio Visual Solutions company.

Anyway, eating time, hoping to make a decent blog diary this summer in the states, where I intend to have time to *think*.

Four weeks to go!