First uses of subversion recently. Not a whole lot to know to get the basic use of the thing. Nothing them here for my forgetful self!

* svn update
* svn status
* svn commit -m ‘mandatory message’

will add to this…


Getting on track

Okay, so I’m working with dave rice on a Rails project, and I guess that’s as good a place as any to put up my first genuine post on my blog. The site isn’t finished yet. It’s a work in progress, just so you know. I haven’t even removed the generic three links from the left hand side over there…


In any case. Rails. What’s it all about? Well, from what I can see so far it’s a way to bundle a whole lot of simple, fundamental functions and so on in a way that just makes more sense than messing around with lengthy code.

To be perfectly honest I don’t quite understand it yet. The file structure annoys me; but that’s because I’m a lazy/messy person and I don’t do things in a structured way. I’ll learn, and come out the other side a better person I’m sure.

Here goes…


Welcome and Important Point

Where did you come here from? Who gave you this link?

It doesn’t matter, it’s alright. But make sure you realise I’m not quite finished here yet!

In Safari and Firefox it looks alright, so if you’re using IE6 then getabetterbrowser! :-)

I’ve got to do some work… but I’ll get this done later.

Thanks, bye!




A site for me to just talk about things that interest me. It’s written for me, not you, so if you don’t like or are disinterested by what it says – I don’t have a problem with that.

I’d like it to be part personal and part technical, but most has been somewhere vaguely in between so far; reaching a point where I can say I’m motivated is a long held dream, and some day…

What I like to do

Web Design

Despite the fact this template is one I lifted from somewhere else, I do enjoy web design, but find it hard to put the time in when it’s not being paid for. I’m my own worst critic and that’s why I gazumped my old version with this, which is nice and tidy and can be manipulated (those images at the top I mean) when I take a fancy.

Video Work

I’ve been working at the Belfast Giants all season doing video work along with Ronan Smith (HiDavid Ltd, website forthcoming), Barney and Pete Huey. Much to Pete’s disgust (jealous really) some of the video work I did at the Playoff finals last weekend was shown on BBC Nottingham in their evening news broadcast. I’m still happy about that. Never thought about making televisual media work my priority/goal, but it certainly isn’t a bad feather for the proverbial cap.


Would really like a nice dSLR so I can take some nice pictures. Nuff Said.


I sing, play and lead worship at church most weeks with my trustly lump of wood. This summer I’m going to a camp in Upstate NY to be a camp counsellor and worship leader, which will be a great experience: certainly improving my working with and music for kids… Planning to get a new guitar when I’m in America. There’s a lovely little guitar shop in Saratoga Springs (beautiful town) which will be getting a visit, but whatever I’m sure I’ll show it off cos whatever it is I want to be proud of it!