Webcast tonight: Belfast Giants Coventry Blaze ice hockey 7pm

Hi All

We’re webcasting tonight live from the Odyssey as the league leaders take on the reigning champions in a league match. The faceoff is at 7pm and the webcast will start around 6.45.

So, Belfast Giants verses Coventry Blaze webcast for free at 7pm tonight. We’re asking for people to pay what its worth but are keeping it wide open for new viewers to catch a glimpse. Check out the note on the site for further details!



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Giants Vipers Webcast 2008-03-29

Heading down to Dundalk this afternoon for the Giants’ final ‘home’ game of the year (not season, that was last week) as they take on the Newcastle Vipers in the first qualifying round of the Elite League Playoffs 2008.

I’m running the show tonight as Ronan’s away so toss a coin and if it’s heads then the stream’ll be up and running showing highlights and gtv clips from recent games around 7pm. I don’t think we’ll be able to do pre-game interviews this week due to a few logistical things, but I might run the ivs from a few weeks back :)

Belfast Giants Webcast Example Image

Off to Belfast to find American Steve and then to Dundalk. Go on… watch the web cast… it’s the last time I (might) get paid until July! :D