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Giants Vipers Webcast 2008-03-29

Heading down to Dundalk this afternoon for the Giants’ final ‘home’ game of the year (not season, that was last week) as they take on the Newcastle Vipers in the first qualifying round of the Elite League Playoffs 2008.

I’m running the show tonight as Ronan’s away so toss a coin and if it’s heads then the stream’ll be up and running showing highlights and gtv clips from recent games around 7pm. I don’t think we’ll be able to do pre-game interviews this week due to a few logistical things, but I might run the ivs from a few weeks back :)

Belfast Giants Webcast Example Image

Off to Belfast to find American Steve and then to Dundalk. Go on… watch the web cast… it’s the last time I (might) get paid until July! :D

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Giants Bison Live Webcast – Thursday 10th

Belfast Giants take on the Basingstoke Bison at the Odyssey arena this Thursday night as the mid-table battle in the Elite League starts to get very interesting. After our biggest web cast viewing yet on Saturday against the Panthers we’re hoping to maintain and increase the number of viewers to help keep the whole operation going.

I quite fancy getting a mailing list up and going so people know exactly which matches are coming up (and which are being covered for sure) as there seems to be quite a growing interest in live match night footage primarily from away fans (which is our target audience, don’t worry Todd) and we aim to increase our subscribers from far away places, as there seems to be an interest in British hockey and in particular in the Giants from North America. That is at least where two of the owners of the Giants live!

As for this week’s web cast: The usual line up: Nigel Ringland (play-by-play) and Wayne Hardman (colour-commentary) will talk you through the game with full audio commentary and _at least_ video highlights in the first two periods and then high quality (the UTV guys are impressed!) video coverage of the third period and any overtime or shoot-outs that may occur. Recent feedback has been awesome and we’re really pleased things seem to be going well.

To connect to the webcast (please don’t try doing this until Thursday about 6.45 ready for the 7 PM faceoff – actually it may be 7.30 so check the giants website before doing that) go to and check out Octoshape – download the plugin and ensure your Windows Media installation is up to date (a quick restart wouldn’t go down too badly either – just to be sure) then proceed to the pay-site, share the love with your £3.30 (consensus is that this is a fair price for what you get)

Also the game on the 10th of January against Newcastle Vipers will be shown, but more of that in due course.

Oh, and I want to get one of these.

Live video is produced by Hidavid Ltd, which is what Ronan does.